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Add Search Function

Rather than scroll through all possible job numbers, the user uses the search bar to type in the job number they need to clock in. This benefits Ximble users in industries that report their finances against multiple projects (e.g., construction, with multiple jobs worked simualtaneously.

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  • Jan 8 2019
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

Surely we are not the only ones, but we add new jobs codes to our list multiple times a week as we receive new projects almost daily. Since we cannot delete completed jobs if our employees clock in against them, it would be VERY helpful for them to search their job number instead of scroll through 100+. If we are to continue using this app for the years to come, that 100+ can easily grow to over 500 to 1000+ jobs for our employees to have to scroll through in order to find their job. Without this function, we will be forced to find a new timesheet app to use that is more user friendly.

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  • D H commented
    9 Jun, 2023 09:33pm

    Adding Search for job types would be immensely useful for our organization. Just as another mentioned, new job codes are added regularly and staff have to endlessly scroll for the correct one. Thanks for looking into this!

  • Brittany Taylor commented
    19 Nov, 2022 12:42am

    Even alphabetizing job types would make it easier if the search function is not an option. The search function is already an option when creating new shifts, so I can't imagine it being difficult to add to when an employee clocks-in as well as when an employee submits a time-sheet. We have staff who use both methods of clocking their time.

  • Guest commented
    3 Jul, 2019 05:22pm

    The company I work for has been using Nimble and Ximble for many years and I cannot stress enough how important this feature is. We currently have 3099 job codes within Ximble that my employees have to scroll through to find the one that they need for a particular day. Considering that you cannot remove old job codes because they have time sheets associated to them it makes it next to near impossible to get to the numbers they need to properly track their job activities. Should this not be a priority within Ximble it will quickly become the deciding factor to move away from Ximble entirely and seek a better alternative.