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Add staff- and hours report of unpublished shifts

For us as planners it is of great importance to know the implications of planning strategies. 

Therefore we need to be able to access reports/totals of schedule periods that we have not yet published. We need to do so while they are unpublished, because when these are published, this means to the staff that the schedules are confirmed and viewable. This is unwanted, we are in described stage only interested in a report.

This will allow us to be more adapt better to different periods throuhout the year and thus keep costs at an optimum.

We can see that the basis of the numbers we are looking for are already being stored/calculated in the weekly schedule in Ximble, e.g. Employee X 14,5h/40,0h. 

We ask you to please add this functionality to the Report part of Ximble.


  • Niels Eernink
  • Oct 21 2019
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

Because you can help good entrepeneurs are not only greatly assisted by scheduling made easy, but also by allowing foresight and strategic thinking, or in plain words, thinking ahead.

Furthermore, we understand that other scheduling services/website/apps are either already implementing such features or are planning to do so. Adding the feature will greatly enhance the value of Ximble. Think of blogging opportunities for this added feature. 

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