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Deleting inactive jobs and a search bar for job codes

It would be nice to be have a master list of job codes, but select whether they are still active, or delete them from our list. We use project numbers, and once the project is complete, we want to be able to clear it off of our job summary so that our team does not have to scroll through hundreds of jobs in order to find the one they are working against.

OR, there should be a search bar added to the job/activities page so that we can search the job we want to clock in under, rather than scroll forever to find it. We add new projects almost DAILY and as the years go by our hundreds of jobs will turn into thousands!

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  • Dec 4 2018
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

The app is ok, but it can be more user-friendly for all different types of industries that use time-sheets.

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