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Limit Remote Clock in for Specific Employees

Certain employees we require to clock in on the Ipad Kiosk at a single location.

Other employees are working remotely and do not have 1 location or 1 computer station to clock in/out from.

There should be a permission setting for which employees can access the clock in/out feature of the app on mobile.

For anyone dealing with certain employees working from home or remotely due to Covid - this should ring true! We're having remote employees record time on spreadsheets and manually entering them into Paycor each week - way too much work.

  • Emily Gruber
  • Sep 9 2020
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

Permission setting would allow for certain specific employees to access the clock in/out feature on mobile without giving permission and privilege to all employees.

No need for calling in or setting up specific computers for clock in/out. Just let them use the app they're already using with functionality as needed per employee!

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