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Ximble update notifications

Can you please let us know when new updates or changes are released, and what they included? Email notification to the Admin / Manager level users would be great! Something like "11/5 tech release. Added the option to assign multiple supervisors to staff. Changed layout of notification alerts. etc...."   

To compare to something - I have an iPhone. Whenever there is an update they include a short description of the improvements you are about to install. This gives their users a sense of confidence, and comfort that Apple is always working to improve things.

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  • Nov 6 2018
  • Planning to implement
Why should we implement this

The overwhelming majority of suggestions posted to this site are negative. Meaning, your clients are identifying things we do not like, or things that do not work. So everyone who goes on this 'suggestion' website is able to see all of the bad things about Ximble that paying clients are sharing.  You are missing out on opportunities to let us all know that you are actually working to improve Ximble!

  • Nov 8, 2018

    Admin response

    Completely agree with everything stated. We do plan to include a feature that would add an alert within the system when there is an update (with all the latest features and/or changes released).

    For the time being, these are sent manually, whenever our product team determines that newly released features are important enough to notify all clients. Of course, this is not an ideal process and we are certainly working on improving this.

    While I do not have a specific ETA for now, this is definitely planned to be improved.

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