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PTO Accrual to the third decimal, not the second

A more accurate PTO accrual rate

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  • Aug 7 2018
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    3 Jun, 2020 09:01am

    When accruing PTO hours 'after each' hour worked, it is critical to be able to apply more than 2 decimal places. Otherwise, as it would not be legal to give people less hours than they are contracted for, a business must give people more hours as a result of rounding up and this costs the business money unnecessarily. This idea is duplicated across at least 3 different idea files that I can see so there is demand for it coming from different businesses.

  • Guest commented
    7 Aug, 2018 07:38pm

     Ximble only allows Paid Time Off accrual hours to be accumulated based on two spaces after the decimal, it does not allow three spaces after the decimal.