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Mirroring desktop & mobile application views

(07:48:56 PM) Brian Milnarich: So my request is to use the View By Feature in the mobile app.
(07:49:09 PM) Brian Milnarich: Visitor uploaded: C2.JPG
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(07:50:22 PM) Lauren D.: Thank you for that information. I have been checking and I am unable to locate a Feature Requests for this. Can you please go ahead to submit it by clicking the link below?
(07:50:22 PM) Brian Milnarich: This is the view we want to have on the mobile app. Currently this is not available. The two buttons that I circled in red in each image sent does not exist on the mobile app. I made the request to add these buttons to the mobile app so the schedules can be viewed the same way online as on a smartphone.
(07:50:45 PM) Lauren D.: Do you remember where the request was made?
(07:53:02 PM) Brian Milnarich: No. The request was made around April/May 2018. I know it was made more than once, both while speaking to support staff on the phone and via email.
(07:53:59 PM) Brian Milnarich: I was told the mobile app was under development and was constantly going through revisions. The feature was in consideration but we never heard any updates since...nor have there been changes
(07:56:47 PM) Lauren D.: I understand. What I will do is to go ahead and have the matter escalated. Can you please submit your feature request using the link below?



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  • May 7 2019
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

The mobile app does not allow you to view/sort the schedule the same way as you can on the desktop. Our staff uses the mobile app 80% of the time over the desktop, however the functionality of the desktop is better for our schedulers. Would like the mobile app enhanced so the functionality of the desktop is included in Ximble mobile.

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