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Have the ability to add regions to the sheduling function

We have 58 locations that are supervised by 5 different Managers in 5 different regions. In Nimble we had the ability to separate these locations/staff by region and this option was helpful. Currently employees are not able to trade shifts within their own region because they are considered to be 'different locations'.


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  • Dec 10 2018
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

This should be implemented so that the managers don't have to manually go in and trade the shifts. Having to do this defeats the purpose of employees being able to trade shifts easily and adds more work for the managers.

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  • Guest commented
    1 Oct, 2019 02:58pm

    Yes please!  Having the manager/admin make the change within our group requires multiple emails . .  the request to trade, the approval of the trade, the changing of the schedule!  This would be so much easier if the employees made the change and Ximble automatically adjusted the schedule!  I wholeheartedly concur with this request!!

  • Samantha Manser commented
    15 Dec, 2018 06:20pm


  • Guest commented
    11 Dec, 2018 06:45pm

    It was much easier for us staff when this feature was available.

  • Tammy Ramnath commented
    11 Dec, 2018 05:24pm

    Agreed!  Having to have managers go in and manually trade the shifts definitely defeats the purpose of having this type of app / program where staff can easily manage their schedules.  It's time consuming for both staff and managers.

  • Rheem McLennan commented
    11 Dec, 2018 04:43pm