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Send an automated message via Ximble Chat for all time-off requests to Direct Supervisors and message both, Supervisor and Employee when it has been approved/rejected, along with notes for reasons.

Whenever an employee requests time-off, automatically send a message via Ximble chat about the request to both, employee and direct supervisor(s). IE. Your Employee "Jane Doe" has a time-off request: (Copy of the Notes within the request) and whenever it has been approved or rejected, send an automated message via Ximble Chat to the employees' supervisor(s).

IE. Time-off for dates MM/DD/YYY has been (Approved/Rejected/Sent back with notes from Manager) by "Manager's Name"

  • Elvis Lopez
  • Oct 30 2018
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

Better and faster approval for time-off requests as well as a way to audit accountability.

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