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Time off accrual based on hours worked

In Canada, paid vacation are accrued by % of earnings (or hours). For example, 1-3 years seniority people accrue 4% of hours worked in their vacation bank to be used and be paid out.

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  • Oct 4 2018
  • Already exists
Why should we implement this

Because its the linked to the labour law in Canada. Mandatory. If not implemented, we need to update vacation banks for part timers on a daily basis.

  • Oct 10, 2018

    Admin response

    We do allow accrual based on the number of hours worked, in which case you would assign your employees to a pay period / pay cycle, and your policy setup page will allow you to setup an accrual in that way. So, configuring a pay period is currently a requirement in order to enable accrual options based on the number of hours worked. I'll have someone from our support team reach out to you with more information on this.

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