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Reports - Automate Payroll Report (Send to email)

Automate Payroll Report:


1. Under Setting --> Export Preferences, new function -  'Automate Payroll Report

2. Add text-box for optional email or multiple emails.

3. Basically in the back-end, Ximble would use the existing Export to CSV function, but attach this exported CSV to email and send to above nominated email address.

4. Set a specific option for daily / weekly / monthly repetition (similar to Repeat function in Schedules).

5. This function being optional, able to enable or disable.

  • Stefan Mihajlovic
  • Jun 11 2018
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

I believe this idea of automating the Payroll Report to send to email, would assist clients time by simply enabling, selecting an option for repetition and inputting a nominated email address. Instead of the manual, export to CSV.

Also, for recording-keeping purposes, this would be efficient.

Note: If the option is successful, in the future, we might be able to add this for Miscellaneous reports also.

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  • Guest commented
    7 Oct, 2019 08:01pm

    Any reports that can be automated to send to specified emails or managers would be greatly appreciated.