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Send direct emails to employees for tardiness/absenteeism from the generated late report.

When managing a medium to large staff, it can get tiresome writing people up based on reports that Ximble already generates. To Simplify this, it would be highly useful to email employees a record of their tardiness/absences directly from Ximble. Along with a Simple template that the manager would choose from, the email would pull direct Ximble data to address the employee with the dates of their infraction, how late they were, and how many times they were late over a timeframe of the managers discretion. 

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  • Jun 6 2018
  • Unlikely to implement
Why should we implement this

I think that this example is specific for late reports, but an email blast feature would be useful for staff related changes to policy, schedule, location, emergencies etc. There is already a functional email from Ximble for other features such as time off requests, this feature would just be the next level. It would significantly save time. See some of the pic's attached for a general idea of what I'm thinking of.

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