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Option to exclude an employee from a worksite

I see there is a place in Schedule Rules to remove a staff member from the WHOLE schedule. However, I am looking for a place to exclude individual staff members from specific work sites they are NOT allowed to return to. That way when an open shift is posted the staff member will NOT receive the notification for this job site.

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  • Oct 5 2022
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

This would be helpful to our Admin staff members on-call (as we rotate this responsibility among 4 different people and only one is the scheduler). It would ensure the employee is not notified of that work site's needs.
Currently, if the employee accepts the open shift we contact the work site admin & they confirm to work or deny the employee with reason. (i.e. Denied, employee no-showed to 2 shifts at this site and is considered a Do Not Return.) Yet at the other work sites, the employee has completed all shifts and has never been an issue. It would eliminate the wasted time for all involved. It would be a great addition in the next update to either Notifications or Schedule Rules tab on each employee staff member.

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