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Adjustments to Availability rather than Unavailability

Currently, Paycor is limited in their options on how to view an employee's availability. It allows you to set the times an employee is unavailable rather than the times the employee is available. For example, if an employee is available from 8a-5p, you need to mark unavailble time from 12a-8a and 5p-12p - this will in turn show 2 grey boxes per day with each unavailable time rather than 1 box showing available time. This creates a bulky and confusing looking schedule display.

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  • Mar 24 2021
  • Unlikely to implement
Why should we implement this

For our managers working to create schedules for our employees, Paycor scheduling interface is still not desirable due to the lack of this function. The current feature allows for a messy and frustrating experience - our managers have opted to use a separate spreadsheet to view their scribes' availabilities rather than utilize the current Paycor feature. In light of this - we are exploring different systems to move our scheduling and timetracking to altogether.

  • Jun 21, 2021

    Admin response

    Thank you for suggesting this improvement. Our team will keep in mind when defining our roadmap, however, at a time we do not have this enhancement on our near term roadmap. If we get this improvement prioritized we will let you know and provide you with some estimated delivery timeline.

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