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Enable unpaid time off to be booked in blocks but for less than 8 hours each day

PTO requests can be booked in blocks of time across multiple days and allow the user to specify the number of hours PTO via the calendar view. eg. they can request just 4 hours per day over each of 5 days if they are part-time and work just 20 hours/week. We need the same for Unpaid Time Off (UTO). With UTO we can only request part-time hours using the partial day button but that only enables us to do one day at a time. If we do full days it defaults to 8 hours but it is uncommon for our staff to work 8 hours/day.

  • Guest
  • Aug 3 2020
  • Unlikely to implement
Why should we implement this

Without it we cannot manage unpaid time off effectively given we have a high proportion of part-time workers. Also, given PTO and UTO are requested in the same area of Ximble, I would have thought that you have a lot of the script in the back end that would make this possible.

  • Nov 23, 2020

    Admin response

    While we may not be changing our existing standalone time-off solution, I would recommend exploring what our other time tracking products within Paycor suit can handle, specifically related to time-off requests (, so if you'd like to, I can connect you with one of our specialists to discuss further. Since I already have your contact information, then please just let me know if you'd like someone to reach out to you to discuss this need further.

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