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Bulk import of PTO requests

There are specific days that we want all of our 1200+ Delivery staff to take off as PTO. This would, for example, include Bank Holidays and 3 days between Christmas and New Year. As these are compulsory days to take off as Paid Time Off, it would make more sense to be able to have the possibility to import these PTO requests in bulk. (In the same way that PTO balances can be imported in bulk). That way we can import it once by an Admin rather than have 1200 different people do it 1200 different times. Other systems eg BambooHR do this and it saves an incredible amount of time. In such systems, because it is Admin who do the import, the requests are also automatically authorised, which again is a huge time saving opportunity.

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  • Jun 10 2020
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

Cost / time saving opportunity for businesses, especially businesses with a large number of employees being scheduled.

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  • Guest commented
    9 Aug, 2022 03:06am

    The Import subway surfers tool enables you to import (either as a file or as a list) all outstanding PTO requests quordle that are in your system. You can also bulk-import PTO requests from your backend, like requests that have been scheduled, but not yet processed.

  • Guest commented
    5 Aug, 2022 09:01am

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  • uniky hansona commented
    17 Jun, 2022 04:30am


  • Betsy Jolas commented
    7 Jun, 2022 03:18am

    If your business has remote workers that aren’t able to arrange their own PTO requests with their managers on a regular basis then it’s time for you to look into using PTO import software. wordle website