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Allow unpaid lunches to be applied to individuals or shifts, not all or nothing

I used to have this option before ximble became paycor. I run a security company an many employees do not get a lunch break, or if they do, it is a working lunch. Other employees have a full hour or thirty minutes off an work in a more traditional office environment with predictable lunch breaks that are unpaid by the client. I would like to have this option back where I can add a paid or unpaid lunch break for certain sites or even specific shifts instead of being forced to edit those employees times who don't get a paid lunch break but simply refuse to clock in and out.

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  • Mar 16 2020
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Why should we implement this

Because it adds more time to my time sheet approvals and opens up my staff to thinking I am making changes to their times that negatively effects them. I have also been advised by the state labor board your method for lunch breaks requiring I manually deduct them may possibly be illegal. If the staff does not clock out on their own and I continually edit their times to add lunches, I expose myself to be accused of unfairly changing their time cards for hours they can claim they worked. The version of Ximble we used to use until taken over by Paycor prevented this by entering a lunch break at a specific time and I could choose it's length and time it began and ended. This feature was helpful since not all my job sites have lunches. Your version requies they either clock out, which is my issue since they are not doing this, or add unpaid breaks and then everyone gets deducted, even those who have no lunch breaks at all.

  • May 8, 2020

    Admin response

    Please reach out to our support team to discuss this further. Based on your description, our system should be already able to handle this functionality. The time tracking system does allow you to setup activities for both paid and unpaid breaks, where employees can simply punch out and punch back in when coming back from a break. Such unpaid breaks would then be deducted for payroll reporting purposes, while paid breaks will be simply included as working hours.

    I would definitely recommend reviewing this as well with your legal consultant, however, based on the description in this thread our system should already be able to handle the described expectation.

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