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Able to change delay setting on the Check In / Check Out

Conclusion: A setting to select the delay in seconds for the photo "Check In/Out"  under settings. 

If a big group is going to lunch or arrives at the same time it creates a bottle neck at the Check In / Check Out process. 

We would like to be able to change the delay of 3 seconds  after you press on the frame until the photo is taken.

3 seconds is way to long and restless people tends to get frustrated.

1 second is enough time to lower your arm down from the tablet.

The best scenario were to be able to change it individually on each account, but we would settle for a global setting that can change it manually under settings.

It can be an "Advanced Setting" slide down if you want to have a clean settings menu!

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  • Jan 24 2020
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

This is a user service, and this user experience could very well tip the scale on the deciding factor for someone who compares the service with another app in the future.

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  • Emily Gruber commented
    9 Sep, 2020 10:13pm

    I definitely hear you on the backlog at the ipad during lunch and clock starting and stopping. Not sure how this could be improved... but definitely a downside to one kiosk for clocking out. They stand around and wait for each other to clock out before doing theirs.