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Tying geo-fence to specific Job/work site or excluding jobs from requiring geo fence

Being able to view the GPS data for employees who utilize the mobile app is amazing, however the limitations of the geo-fence in the current system is nearly redundant to the "Clock Locations" more than restricting locations for mobile employees.  It is an all or nothing option right now and would greatly benefit from a more customizable integration with Jobs and/or Worksites.


Using my data set as an example: A.R is the manager for our Boise Market.  She is also a photographer for 3 of the 5 hospitals there, and a Customer Service rep for our entire company. 

-We do not schedule their Manager duties on the physical schedule, but they are required to clock in when they are preforming any managerial duties.  This may be from home handling calls or at a hospital doing training.

-When she is scheduled to photograph in a hospital, she is on the schedule for a specific job that states the hospital and the "cart" she is working (ie SLB-1{St. Luke's, Boise Hospital cart 1}) and must be on property for this job. 

-When she is doing her CS duties she is scheduled for Customer Service on the schedule, but they log in to the system remotely from their home to handle inbound calls and emails.

So if we want to use the geo-fence to ensure that she can't clock in from the highway because she is stuck in traffic and does not want to be "late" for her hospital shift, it will then not allow her to ever clock in for her "remote" duties of Manager or CS rep because she is not within any of the geo-fence locations.


Integration with Jobs/Worksites: By having a field when you create a new job(from the settings menu), you would be able to select the specific geo-fence that applies only to that job.  For example my company has 68 "jobs" that can be assigned to any employee.  Of those 42 are where photographers must be onsite at a specific hospital.  We have 7 jobs that are done remotely, and 15 jobs that are done anywhere in a specific city.  Some jobs are not on the actual schedule because they do not have a required start/end time or day but we must track hours for payroll.  


So if I set up general geo-fences for the hospitals, then the off-site or remote employees will never be able to clock in/out unless I put a geo-fence around their house or the whole city which then negates the geo-fence for the specific hospitals.  


Another option would be to have an "exclude job from geo-fence" all together.  This way if it's a job that can be done anywhere it is still available to the employee if they are not on the schedule and/or not at a physical hospital.


You could also have it tied to the works site instead of the actual Job.  You would be able to set that up in the settings tab when you create a work site. Then when a shift is created on the schedule, by selecting the work-site it triggers the geo-fence requirement. Consequently if they are clocking in/out for a Job that is not not on the scheduled and/or tied to a work-site, it ignores the geo-fence requirement.

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  • Nov 1 2019
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Why should we implement this

Since the premise behind the geo-fencing from an employer's stand point is to ensure that employees are both on property and not falsifying time sheets, it seems logical that the geo-fence system work more directly in regards to mobile worksite companies.


The system has the "clock locations" feature where it ties the time clock to a specific IP address and that is good for companies who have a set computer or wifi network their employees must use. If the company uses that feature, the current implementation of the geo-fece is not needed.  However for those companies who utilize the mobile time clock app, the geo-fecnce is a more imperative feature.


This will also benefit companies where employees go from location to location in a single day (a carpet cleaner for example). If they are scheduled to work the west side of town in the morning but they go to the east side of town out of habit, the system would not let them clock in, because they are on the wrong side of town. Yes they are "at work" but they are not at the correct location according to their schedule.

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