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Full announcement sent to an employee's phone as a text, as opposed to just a text msg asking them to go to the app to read my post

When I post an announcement, I'd like for the actual message to be sent as a text. 

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  • May 13 2019
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

This was very useful in the Nimble app. It's hard enough trying to get my team to properly clock in and out and to find their QR codes...  They don't want to take the extra step to open the app to find the announcements and some of them are saying that when they try to read the post or a new chat, the app shuts down on them.

It would just be so much easier if my messages were sent directly to them.

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    7 Oct, 2019 02:02pm

    I agree 100%.  My department staffs 24/7. There are many times staff call in or we have to reach out for help during high volume patient calls. Using this feature in Nimble allowed to to quickly send out a request to all of our staff at the same time. It was simply a text that went to their cell phone. They did not have to open a desk top to be able to view the announcement. I attempted this over the weekend and it was very busy and we did not get a response from anyone. They saw there was an announcement posted and did not bother to take the extra step. The feedback was when they are busy it's easy to just view it rather than stop what you are doing and log onto a desk top and them view the announcement. We used this feature in the app religiously.