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Time off requests, holidays, and days closed to show up on a printed schedule.

Being able to print out a schedule that has all time off approved time off requests, holidays, and any other days a business is closed.

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  • May 13 2019
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

This is useful for those that rely on a printed schedule to see why a certain associate is off or if the store is closed at a glance instead of having to log on and using the program. Sometimes it is easier to just look at a posted schedule. Also, it prevents managers from changing a schedule without the knowledge of an associate and expecting them to check their app or schedule online.Also, there are still some people that are not all that computer savvy and have a hard time with programs and would need a printed schedule.

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  • Emily Gruber commented
    9 Sep, 2020 10:15pm

    Any days off, sick days, holiday days, etc should be visible to the employee and the managers in their timesheet.