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Different Settings by Location

We have several teams (set in different Locations) and would like to be able to save certain features for specific teams. We want one team to be able to punch in 30 minutes earlier, but not have this setting applied to all staff. It would also be great for our customer service team to be able to punch in remotely but not have this feature apply for our production staff, who need to be physically at work.  

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  • May 13 2019
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

Being able to modify features for select locations would be a great facet to Ximble, especially if certain conditions don't apply to a set location. One location can punch in earlier or have the option to work remotely versus those that need to physically be at the facility to complete their tasks and not abuse the system by "punching in" but then going on break. The fact that all changes are applied globally shows rigidity in the system and not all locations function in the same capacity. I believe that this added flexibility to the system would be a great addition and improvement in terms of modification by location, personalizing according to the needs of select groups and simplifying without compromising for one set of preferences that may not be ideal for all.  

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