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Stop Shift Labels being cut off on smaller screens

On smaller screens, tablets and phones the shift label is cut off if there is more than just a couple of works. This means staff have to click into each individual shift to see the whole shift label. It would be a lot less time consuming if it were to wrap the text or made the text smaller so it was all visible without having to click into the shift. 

  • Katie Smith
  • Nov 22 2018
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

When viewing a schedule that has a lot of smaller shifts (in our case showing a delivery route) it is annoying for staff to have to click into the shift in order to be able to read the whole shift label which contains important information. Also for a scheduler it can be frustrating and time consuming when trying to look at multiple peoples schedule to not be able to see all the detail without clicking into the shift. 

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