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Merge short breaks for Break Rules

For the break rules, we run 7 hours at 1 hour break. This means if an employee works 7 straight hours, they are given a 1 hour lunch break. There is a small flaw in this however, and that is if an employee clocks out at all, even for a minute, it will not take the 1 hour lunch break out of their day. This is sort of a big flaw, in that if anyone ever caught it, they could essentially clock out an back in quickly, work 8am to 5pm, and be given a 9 hour work day on their timesheets.


Our solution for this is to have an option which reads “Merge short breaks” on the Break Rule, so that if it is checked, it merges all of the short breaks within a single work day, and combines the breaks taken up to the staff break time (which we have set to 60 minutes). Essentially, what this would do, is if an employee logged out for 15 minutes at one point in the day, and 5 minutes at another point in the day, but if their total time worked for the day was greater than 7 hours of work (which is what we have ours set to for the 1 hour break), it would remove an additional 40 minutes of time from their time sheet, even if they didn’t have a single unbroken stretch of time worked for greater than the 7 hours.

  • Erika Jankowski
  • Oct 24 2018
  • Future consideration
Why should we implement this

It is a risk/liability the way it currently works.

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