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The REQUEST FOR TIME OFF filter is set for thirty days. I need to see ALL future requests

employees put in for time off the same week five weeks in advance and there was no action taken as I didnt see it. I verbally gave one NEW employee a verbal OK then the request prompt lit up and I saw two senior people asking for the same time.  I do the schedule every week and dont often go into the filter to see what is happening beyond 30 should be clearer. let me reset the filter and SAVE That setting. sounds simple to me

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  • Sep 3 2018
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Why should we implement this

cause if I get burned by this again, I will be moving to another schedule software

  • Sep 11, 2018

    Admin response

    We have an adjustment prepared for this, which will come out with the following release. We will cover 5 months in advance and 30 days in the past, from the current date. So the system will show 6 months initially, allowing you to select a wider date range. We have a release planned for next week, which is coming with this adjustment.

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    8 Nov, 2018 05:36pm

    thank you and you are welcome! Jungle Bob

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    12 Sep, 2018 01:24pm

    great news! 

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    11 Sep, 2018 06:10pm

    Wow exactly.  I thought I was the only one dealing with this stupidity.  The whole point of off requests is to do it well in advance.