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We would like to see calendar view of Time-Off requests

The time off list report is great. It is easy to view when you have smaller teams of 2-5 people. But when teams are larger 20+. You can be scrolling up down quite a bit. Having a calender view will be really helpful to understand who is off from what time to what time. This is the case when employees are non shift workers. They dont clock in clock out. They are considered to be working unless they have requested time off.

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  • Jun 20 2018
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Why should we implement this

It will help manager's manage their daily coverage of their team in the future week, month, months. Having a calender view is much more friendly to the eye.

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  • Guest commented
    21 Nov, 2023 03:46pm

    Having this PTO calendar has a shareable calendar so the rest of the company can see who is off - or who is planning on being off - so we can adjust adequately would be great!

  • consuelo kuettner commented
    29 Oct, 2023 07:19pm

    yes the calendar is great also if by name time off request would be easy to check for drafting schedule , also it can be add in the paycor schedule and have a box leave/remove it or apporved so whe it is plugging the schedule it is there, like availability. even if the fromat for approval of time off , should be syncronizaed in the scheule with a colour warning (time off pending for approval ) ?

  • Abbass Terns commented
    5 Jul, 2023 04:10pm

    To meet your requirements, you would like to have a calendar view of Time-Off requests as well as the ability to use the camera for sewer lines. Integrating a calendar view for Time-Off requests can be accomplished by implementing a scheduling and management system specifically designed for tracking employee time off. This system would provide a visual representation of approved and pending Time-Off requests in a calendar format, allowing managers and employees to easily view and manage their requested time off.

  • Janw Chadwick commented
    7 Nov, 2021 06:59pm

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  • Guest commented
    9 Jan, 2019 11:05pm

    Yes, please

  • Guest commented
    14 Dec, 2018 01:18am

    This is desperately needed