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Ability for employees to clock in and out on their last day of work.

Ximble reads the last day in BambooHR and terms the employee at the start of that date.  The employee is working that day and is unable to clock in and out on their last work day.  Change Ximble to term at the end of the day 11:59 like BambooHR does or the next day. 

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  • Jun 11 2018
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Why should we implement this

This will allow employees to clock in and out on their last day of work.  As it is, we must obtain their work hours and manually enter them for their last work day.  This will allow the HR system to retain the correct last day and the employee to clock in and out themselves. 

  • May 21, 2019

    Admin response

    Currently, Ximble follows logic implemented in BambooHR. When an employee is terminated for the current day, BambooHR terminates that person right away, and so does Ximble (with potential 60 minute delay depending on when data is synced with BHR).

    On the other hand, if an employee in BHR is terminated for a future date, then such an employee will have until 11:59pm on that day to use both systems. In this case, an employee will have access to Ximble as well until the end of that day (again with possible 60 minute delay depending on when the sync happens precisely).

    If the above default behavior in BHR is changed by a manual action, and a date for termination gets changed, then Ximble again follows what comes over from BHR.

    I'm not sure if this was changed in BambooHR in the past, but we consider the data coming from the HR platform as relevant, so whenever BHR gives us a signal that an employee is inactive, then Ximble inactivates that profile as well.

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