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If employee has only one position it should automatically default instead of having to click on it.

Currently when an employee or management clock in you have to select the position which is slightly time consuming for the employee. Instead, if the employee only has one position it should default to that and not ask the person for the information. 

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  • Jun 8 2018
  • Already exists
Why should we implement this

Shortens clocking in procedures

  • Jun 8, 2018

    Admin response

    Thank you for the feedback. I've asked our support team to reach out and troubleshoot this, because the system should already work this way. When an employee has just one position assigned, then the system will simply allow that person to clock in without asking to select a position. We'll have someone follow-up with you shortly to get more info and get our team to adjust this, in case there is a spot where it does not work in that same way (mobile device, kiosk app, etc.)

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