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4 digit user definable PIN

The current PIN is 6 digits and assigned by Ximble.

All the other systems we looked at have a 4 digit user defined PIN.

This includes our POS system.

4 digits is much easier to remember. Especially if the user gets to decide their own.

We see most employees picking the last four digits of their cell phone number.

  • Douglas Smith
  • Jun 6 2018
  • Unlikely to implement
Why should we implement this

When I Work, Deputy, Homebase, every scheduling tool we looked at had a 4 four digit user definable PIN.

Six digit Ximble assigned PIN really isn't that usable to us.

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  • Stefan Heisl commented
    16 Jan 08:10am

    Greetings! You're correct, the current PIN code comprises 6 digits, which can be inconvenient. A 4-digit code would be much more memorable and thus, implementing this concept on the ximble service is worth considering.

    I am sure you will make the right decision,

    Stefan Hris,

    Software Development Manager at Andersen.

  • oralie orliae commented
    16 Dec, 2022 08:41am

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  • Guest commented
    1 May, 2019 04:39am

    Would love for users to create their own pin!