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Dissertation Summary Rules - tips by domyhomework123

An abstract is a greatly abbreviated version of an article that includes the fundamental aspects of the article:

The area in which the detailed research is conducted;

Review (Review) of the most important research materials, their scientific novelty;

a set of findings presented in summary form, as well as a hypothesis of a scientific nature.

A description of the methods and tools of the study and a brief review of literary sources are not included in this section. Such a section must necessarily be easy to understand and read, have a small and optimal volume, and must rely on the most important aspects of the article. Today, most authors create summaries for their own research articles and papers, taking into account the special requirements for authors, according to the journal's editorial board (Guidelines for Authors).

Before you start working on your thesis or dissertation, you should consider and carefully analyze the fact that such summaries represent, if not the only, then at least the most important source through which foreign scholars can get acquainted with the summary of the article and the results of scientific research. It is only by first getting acquainted with the abstract that foreign scholars have the opportunity to fairly assess the quality of the thesis, the level of preparation of the specialist, and to open a discussion with the author of the article.

A summary cannot be considered properly designed if it lacks the following main points: thesis topic, subject, purpose of research, methodology and research tools.

The outcomes of the research conducted should be as clearly formulated as possible. The whole set of outcomes should represent the results of theoretical and experimental research, regularities, identified relationships and obtained data. Most often, the outcomes describe new results that challenge previous research findings.

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Why should we implement this

Most often, the outcomes describe new results that challenge previous research findings.

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