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Allow employees to view the whole schedule, not just their own schedule

People can see who else is working throughout the day and who else is working during their shift on the Paycor Scheduling app.

  • Peter Cangiano
  • May 16 2022
  • Already exists
Why should we implement this

This would help them plan accordingly and communicate if they need to switch shifts.

  • Sep 22, 2022

    Admin response

    The system currently allows you to do that, by enabling the permission "View everyone's schedule" in the settings area. So if you navigate to the Settings section, then click Staff there, and then finally Roles section, you'll see the list of roles on your account. Edit the employee role (or any other one that you'd want to cover with this change) and on that new screen tick the checkbox next to "View everyone's schedule". Save the page afterwards, and that's it.

    Enabling the above option will allow employees to see everyone's schedule page in a read-only mode. So its the same section that managers see, but without the ability to make any modifications.

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